“Spirit Warriors” don’t exist

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or how to become a shadow warrior

We in society have gotten so used to paradoxical and illogical thinking we take many things for granted. “Vegetarian” vampires, kind hearted dragons, and vegan leather (It is not vegan – it’s plastic!). We have come so far as to forget who a warrior is and what he stands for. A warrior is a man of violence, called to defend his homeland by less than peaceful means. He also is a keeper of the peace; a protector of the gentle people.

There is no such thing as a warrior of peace, there is no gentleman warrior and spiritual martial arts are a fallacy. This hyperbole is used to sell new-age books and “martial” systems ; Contradictio in terminis: “contradiction in terms”– It is like saying an “honest thief”,liquid ice“, “square circle“, or even a “humanitarian pirate“!

A humanitarian Pirate? [wikimedia]

Warrior of Peace Myth

The moment a warrior becomes a warrior of peace, he ceases to be a warrior. There are tales of bandits and robbers who found out that murdering was wrong and pillaging was evil and they buried their weapons in the ground and ceased to fight. They forever depended on their neighbors to protect them. Much like Japan and the USA after WW2.

Excerpt from How Rare a Possession

This is like the old frontier term of burying the hatchet. The moment you have buried your hatchet in the ground you are hopefully on different grounds. You are no longer a warrior. You are a man of peace.

Spiritual Warrior Fallacy

In the Hebrew bible, their God would not allow King David build the temple:

“You have shed much blood and have fought many wars. You are not to build a house for my Name, because you have shed much blood on the earth in my sight.” – First Chronicles 22:8

A man of blood and the builder or priest in a temple are different varna’s in Hindu tradition. A Kshatriya or warrior / king on the one hand, and a brahmin or priest on the other.

Warrior’s path to Enlightenment

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious. ~ Carl Gustav Jung

Truth by Mikalojus Ciurlionis 1908 [public domain]

Become a Shadow Warrior

The path of spirit for a warrior is the path of a shadow warrior. “One does not become enlighted by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious,” Carl Jung explains, he goes on to say “The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable and therefore not popular.”

“What you most want to find, will be where you least want to look” – Carl Jung

How to integrate your shadow – Explanation of the Jungian Shadow – in Depth

Here in this next video from Academy of Ideas, there is a great explanation of how to integrate your shadow, accept and then channel your natural aggressiveness and standing your ground. This is the path of the shadow warrior.

Ancient Georgian Martial Art

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Ancient Christian Martial Art found in the Caucus Mountains

Khridoli the ancient Georgian art of boxing, wrestling, sword fighting and more has survived the centuries in the high Caucus mountains of Georgia. T

Krivi Georgian boxing as taught by Niko Abazadze (one of the surviving teachers of this art; lives in New York, USA)

GADZHIYA  fighting – spiked combat ring. Read more here in this paper by Niko on Academia.edu

The Ancient Combat dance of the Khevsur Georgians. Read more about it here at this link (Georgian)

A Lost Colony in the Georgian Mountains

When WW1 started some of the knights from the Georgian Mountains came down in their chainmail ready to fight in the war.


The Last of the Crusaders

THE CITY OF TIFLIS, capital of the state of Georgia in Caucasia, has long prided itself upon its advanced ideas, its broad boulevards, its modern architecture, and its progressive-minded citizens.

The shock was all the greater, therefore, when, in the spring of 1915, some months after Russia’s declaration of war against Turkey, a band of twelfth-century Crusaders, covered from head to foot in rusty chain armour and carrying shields and broadswords, came riding on horseback down the main avenue.

People’s eyes almost popped out of their heads. Obviously there was no cinema company going on location. These were Crusaders—or their ghosts.

The incredible troop clanked up to the governor’s palace.

‘Where’s the war?’ they asked. ‘We hear there’s a war.’

They had heard in April 1915 that there was a war. It had been declared in September 1914. The news took seven months to reach the last of the Crusaders.

And you wouldn’t be surprised, if you tried, as Fritz and I did, to find the behind-the-beyond country in which these twelfth-century people live.

One of the most curious and romantic legends of the Caucasus tells the story of the origin of this armoured tribe. And as yet no historian has found any reason to believe that the legend is not based entirely on fact. The story declares that this race came, eight hundred years ago, from Lorraine, more than two thousand miles away. The argument is borne out by the fact that their chain armour is in the French sty;e, while their otherwise incomprehensible speech still contains six or eight good German words.

When they left Lorraine, so goes the legend, the last thing they had in mind was the colonization of the frosty peaks of the Caucasus Moutnaints, for they were followers of Godfrey de Bouillon and planned to wrest the Holy Sepulchre from the Moslem infidels.

But during the thousand-mile march across what is now Asiatic Turkey, this particular band of Crusaders somehow got detached from the main army, and were prevented by the Saracens from rejoining it. Whether they took a northern course of their own accord, and continued on across Armenia and Georgia to the Caucasus as pioneers, or whether they were fleeing for their lives with Moslem scimitars swishing around their ears, the legend does not say. But we do know that they called a halt in one of the most rugged and unapproachable corners of the Caucasus… and didn’t emerge again in force till 1915 when the rumours of a worth-while war brought them, wearing their ancestors’ coats of mail, into Tiflis. [source]

In Depth Look at Khevsur Martial Art

Extended look at the Khevsur’s fighting art in this Georgian Language documentary. Lots to learn here. A lost Christian Martial art.  

Temple of Strength

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Zurkhaneh ritual is ancient warrior training using Persian Meel clubs and the shena which is used for pushups and yoga like moves. It is marketed in the west as Persian Yoga.

Zurkhaneh traditional Persian Warrior Training

The Zurkhaneh Rituals – Unesco

Modern take on a Warrior Classic

Origin Main Warclubs – A modular modern club for the USA. I’ve loved mine and they support local business in the USA. Other worldwide locations can search online for Indian clubs, Persian Meel.

Pushup Bar from Withgear (Korean Company- on amazon.com)

Withgear Portable Pushup Bar

Excellent quality, portable. I’ve used mine for almost a year. The high base isn’t the same as a Shena but it is great quality, great for natural push-ups.

Universal Exercise

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The best and most natural method of working out is to run, play, climb, swim, throw, carry, push and jump. This is how the animals stay fit. They aren’t working out at all- they are moving. And if we are talking about mammals, they are often playing.

Efficient Exercises for the Modern Human

Well this is all and great you say, but who is supposed to have time or energy to do all of this? You don’t have the time or wild locale to play in, you say.

Well there is some good news and some bad news. There are great exercises available today that will help keep you in shape, the bad news is that they are nothing new. While dancing seems to be the best form of exercise for playful humans, we can look to the exercises that ballet dancers and others swear by to find some excellent and time crunched exercises to where you don’t have to try to live like humans did 300+ years ago.

The benefit of these exercises is longevity, toned slim physique and can be done as you grow older.

Contrology for men and women (Pilates)

Many swear by the classical mat exercises by Joseph Pilates, they are well known and you can find classes in almost any big city in the west. You only need a basic mat to exercise on. Joseph Pilates did these exercises into his 80s!

Joseph Pilates at 57 and 82 years young

Original Lotte Berk technique

(not to be confused with Berk Method)

The original ballet barre method was developed from ballet exercises from the 1950s and was practiced by Lotte into her 80s as well. Here is a sample from a 1980s class:

Still young

Esther Fairfax, the daughter of Lotte, still is teaching the original method today here she is with amazing abs at 79? years young. She is still teaching and going strong.

Indian Club or Karlakattai training

An old and popular method of staying in whole body shape is the Karlakattai- or ancient Indian Clubs:

Intelligent Design

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Recoil nutralizing rifles, a pistol that is also a semi-automatic and is balanced. A Karambit that you can fit inside your pocket.

Mighty morphin’ Karambit?

Caswell knives Morphing Karamit for active duty. Also now made by CRKT knives for more affordable version. You can buy it here.

Balanced Recoil system SR-1 target shooting Kalashnikov rifle

Mateba 6 Unica .357 – Is it a revolver or a semi-auto?

Answer? It’s both. This pistol has balanced recoil as well and was originally designed for target shooting.

The Golden Mean

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What is the Golden Middle Way?

The Golden Mean img src[psu.edu]

“The golden mean or golden middle way is the desirable middle between two extremes, one of excess and the other of deficiency. It appeared in Greek thought at least as early as the Delphic Maxim nothing to excess and emphasized in later Aristotelian philosophy,

For example, in the Aristotelian view, courage is a virtue, but if taken to excess would manifest as recklessness, and, in deficiency, cowardice. “[wikipedia]

Lady Justice

Lady Justice is most often depicted with a set of scales typically suspended from one hand, upon which she measures the strengths of a case’s support and opposition. [wikipedia]

You must discriminate and weigh things out in your mind and heart. Discern between extremes and find the way of balance in space. Find the way between the sentimental extremes of our times.

Lady Justice with scales ⚖ [wikipedia]

Balance Your Thinking with Action

Bruce Lee on Balance

Balance is the Main Law of Life

The Golden Rule

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The Golden Rule

“The Golden Rule is the principle of treating others as you want to be treated. It is a maxim that is found in most religions and cultures. It can be considered an ethic of reciprocity in some religions, although different religions treat it differently.” – wikipedia

“In Mahābhārata, the ancient epic of India, there is a discourse in which sage Brihaspati tells the king Yudhishthira the following

One should never do something to others that one would regard as an injury to one’s own self. In brief, this is dharma. Anything else is succumbing to desire.”— Mahābhārata 13.114.8 (Critical edition) [wikipedia]

Not only does this rule apply to not harming others when you wouldn’t want to be harmed yourself, but it implies also looking out for yourself.

It’s hard in this world to stay in touch with yourself, to avoid the bitterness of life from harming your soul. So we create a form of armor to hide behind and protect ourselves from hurt and pain.

Dr. Patricia Frish explains in her article “Reich’s Concept of Armoring”:

“Wilhelm Reich coined the term armoring as a reference to character and body armor. Initially trained as a psychoanalyst with Freud, Reich veered from standard theory and practice and over time conceptualized a very different paradigm. He practiced with an engaged style in the here and now, interacting with how patients presented in the office and toward him.

Reich created the term character armor. He meant that we all have coping patterns – stylistic character defenses that we develop throughout our life, usually starting before we can think or talk. We scope out our life situation with parents, caregivers, and early schooling, and figure out the best way to adapt. Depending on how our life unfolds, our defensive structure either becomes more adaptive or becomes problematic. Reich called our habitual demeanor, stance and attitude character armor. Our dominant, submissive, pleasing, withdrawn, petulant, stubborn styles, for example, become a uniform we wear in relationships – our suit of armor.
As Reich’s work progressed scientifically, his focus turned to the body and the way it mirrors the character in all systems. He found that our bodies embody the template of our personalities and conform to those dictates. Reich discovered the basic pulsation in the universe and that healthy organisms and organs have natural expansion and contraction. That life energy pulsates. When we are armored, our pulsation is interrupted and the movement restricted; the energy flow throughout our body is impeded. We may experience this as a lack of sensation, aliveness, a stiffness or tension. Armor can develop into painful sensation if places in our body have chronic holding or are under-charged. So our physicality speaks as well as our voice. Our armoring reduces our creative capacity, our natural expression of our unique Self.
If we allow expansion, we naturally experience new ideas and interests that we have energy to pursue. As we reinstate our natural pulsation by interrupting our character and dissolving our body armor, we naturally and spontaneously embrace life in the way suited to us. When we are imprisoned in unconscious ways of being, we lose flexibility necessary for healthy adaptation.” – Reich’s Concept of Armoring

The most important thing to learn in this life is flexibility. Things that are rigid may seem strong, but they are the most easy to break.

Liquid Body Armor

The US Army and many other nations around the world are experimenting with “liquid armor” a non Newtonian liquid added to Kevlar, which goes rigid once struck. The unique thing is that it is also much lighter than traditional armor and yet protects the wearer by spreading the force of the impact through the whole fabric before the liquid temporarily turns solid.

Not only is it effective from bullets and other projectiles, but it will also protect against being stabbed in the back.

Knife Drop Test (DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME)

Go Warrior- Russia

I’ve tried this myself while on a stay in Russia. It’s easy to get injured if you aren’t completely relaxed internally. Here are some methods and teachers that may be of interest for you to get more relaxed physically and emotionally.

Relax Physically

Pavel Tsatsouline Fast and Loose

In order to gain speed in training, it’s important to reduce tension scientifically and to regain flexibility. In this classic Pavel video he demonstrates how to do this scientifically. (Pavel was a soviet Master of Sport)

Relax Emotionally

Philip Shepherd wanted to escape the confines of his culture in North America. When the choice came to go to college or go on a cross Europe and Asia bike ride to Japan – he went with the latter. I’ll let him explain a bit more about himself and his methods – TEPP

TEPP – Philip Shepherd

Radical Wholeness

About the workshop – Radical Wholeness

The Sevenfold Path of Natural and Scientific Martial Arts – Continued

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The following are entire arts unto themselves, but someone seeking the universal path of the spiritual warrior and the warrior gentleman(or lady) needs to know that these arts exist and that they are also scientific. I will refrain from scientific explanations at the moment as they can get lengthy, but I will list each of the seven branches of the universal martial art of science and nature.

To reach this level one will need a guide, a qualified teacher, a guide book and to have gone through what the Indians refer to as Kundalini awakening. This is a very complex topic too much for a short blog post, to see a western perspective on this topic, please see The psychology of kundalini yoga – C. G. Jung. (available for download on Academia.edu)

The Sevenfold Path

  1. Universal Herbal Practice – this is an herbalistic practice that works the world over. See Thomsonian Herbalism – new Guide to Health .
  2. Whole Body StrengthKarlakattai : Ancient Warrior Practice (Indian Clubs) buy on kindle. This is from South India and is very ancient and whole body.
  3. Spinal Strength – through Ballet Barre and Contrology (Pilates) See Lotte Berk technique or the back exercises from Pilates mat exercises. (Similar to Kriya yoga) see a qualified instructor.
  4. Universal Language of fellowship – Esperanto as developed by Polish ophthalmologist L. L. Zamenhof. Read the American Esperanto Book for free on Archive.org. Learn it for free on Duolingo.com. This is the easiest language for Westerners to learn, and it’s fun to learn it.
  5. Universal Combat Dance (masculine/feminine) through Caucasian Dances- especially from Georgia (country not state). These same movements for male and female can be observed in the birds of paradise.
  6. Tibetan Yoga Practices – Kashmiri Yoga: Tummo Breathing, 5 Tibetan Rites, Tandava as taught by Daniel Odier.
  7. Natural Martial Artsnatural walking is core of the martial art: See three examples: Bujikan from Maasaki Hatsumi (Japan and World), Senmotic Functional Defense from Senmotic (Germany and Europe) and ISAI from Natural Motion Center (Israel)

Note: Don’t be worried if it seems like a lot to practice! Each daily practice becomes so efficient it can be practiced in only 2-3 minutes individually. To get started it does take however, some listening to one’s inner voice and returning to the mobility of a young child. The whole point of this is to return to being like a little child, then step upwards.

Easier it is the harder it gets

The hallmark of the truly advanced master is that the practice is intuitive, natural and scientific. I’m still working towards this myself otherwise you would see me post more personal videos on this blog. I will keep updating this blog with more content that are little peeks into how to reach this art. This higher way allows longevity, simplicity, efficiency and true mobility. Efficient movement is easy movement. Natural walking is easy walking. Natural Martial art is 25% effort martial art.

Post Script:

Universal Law

As they say in the Declaration of Independence, there are laws of nature and of nature’s God. What does this mean? More on this next time.

The Sevenfold path of Natural and Scientific -Martial Arts

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Start With Heart

Balance Earth and Sky (lions gate wikimedia)

Here we start with heart. In many ways this step is the hardest of all, reclaiming your body from time, reclaiming your heart and soul from false cultural traditions, and learning how to move with your heart and not against it.

Disclaimer: These are shown for informational purposes only. Do not undertake any training or new exercise that your physician says you are not ready for and your health is not ready for.

Reclaim your mind, body and soul

  1. Reclaim strength: Persian Yoga (Indian Clubs) – Swinging strength and grip strength, with great natural pushups
  2. Reclaim natural health: Practice Integrative Plant Science – Herbalism is part of the Asian Martial tradition and should be part of the western tradition too. Try Reading Dr. John Christopher’s www.herballegacy.com or eCornell University Medicinal Plants certificate for those who are very serious
  3. Reclaim your environment: Free running or contemporary dance to make your everyday environment a playground.
  4. Reclaim your heart: Try Essene breathing or this technique from the Heart Institute
  5. Reclaim flexibility and mobility: Kadochnikov Systema Ground Acrobatics for reclaiming mobility and flexibility. Can also be found in Ancestral Movement on youtube.
  6. Reclaim your Spine: Tescao Tibetan Martial Art Daily practices from
  7. Reclaim your soul: Learn Poetry in your native tongue. The language of the heart is important aspect of being not only a fighter but a true gentleman warrior.

Demonstrated: Most if not all of urban adults will not be able to do all of these movements, feel natural reciting their mother tongue poetry or be calm with their own heart. These are for demonstration purposes only. Give it time, and find a qualified instructor, therapist or guide to show you how to reengage in life.

Persian Yoga

Western Herbalism

FreePlay or Parkour

Dancing from the Heart

The Science of the Heart

Heart Breath

Kadochnikov Ground Acrobatics

Regain your mobility through Tibetan Martial Arts daily practices

American Poet – Walt Whitman

Elements of Natural Martial Arts

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Ring Tested – Therapist Approved

Finding the elements in Senmotic Functional Defense

Senmotic Therapy and Functional Defence [image source]

Physical Therapy + Natural Walking + Wing Chun = Senmotic Functional Defense

This video contains ALL of the elements of natural martial arts. If you are interested you can find the UDEMY course at this link.

Core Elements of Natural Martial Science

BAREFOOT – It starts with the foot

Remove restrictions on your body – free up movement for adaptability

It Starts with the Foot

Senmotic Barefoot walking lesson

Barefoot walking with Natural Motion Center ISAI

The Spinal Wave

Wave Exercises

Homo Ludens – Alex Kostic
Waves- Natural Movement – Ido Portal

Application in Combat

Wave Exercises

How to Walk Naturally

Natural Walking

Walking + Movement = Natural Martial Movement

Walk and move from center of Gravity

Spinal Walking

Cossack Warriors moved from Center of Gravity

Russian Language – Importance of Spine

Ninja’s Walking from the Spine – Taijutsu (English)

Natural Martial Art- Mastery

ISAI – Monya Gorelik

ISAI Martial Arts

Senmotic Functional Defence

Ninjutsu Master Masaaki Hatsumi