The Zen of Archery

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Even when troubled

Maintain the spirit

Of the Bow and Arrow

And it will heal 

Your sickness!

Awa Kenzo

If your emotions are channeled properly, perverse thoughts disappear. When perverse thoughts are gone, you are in a state of sincerity. In a state of sincerity you will perceive the light of the gods.

— Awa Kenzo

Dhanurveda (Vedic Archery Science)

Then having covered the object aimed at with the gripe , the archer , with his neck held firm and steady and his  head poised erect as that of a peacock , and with his chest bulged out and shoulders drooping down , and his  whole frame bent in the shape of a triangle , should discharge his arrow , his temple , nose , face and shoulders  being  made like those of a horse ( A Prose English Translation of Agni Puranam, pg 896 ) 

In the dojo, aim for truth. 

At home, aim for harmony. 

At work, aim for progress. 

Among friends, aim for trust.

 In the world, aim for sincerity.

Awa Kenzo

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