Warriors Can be Healers Too

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Athelas – Kingsfoil
Aragorn Heals Eowyn LOTR: The Return of the King

Modern day soldiers of fortune, killers, mercenaries as well as magical Kung fu fighters fills the screens of our smartphones and theaters. Men of no mercy, no healing and no kindness. Revenge, slaughter and bloodlust are filling up the collective-unconscious about the warrior way or budo in modern society. What is a warrior if not only a man of violence?

This is the modern soldier, MMA and Jedi knight mentality. This is based on sending men off to war, instead of a warrior being a position in society. In our hyper specialized society, we don’t comprehend the value of knowing multiple skills. Any modern soldier will need to know basic first aid before a medic arrives – and before the invention of the radio, mp3 players and streaming music, they used to have to entertain themselves as well with song and dance. We’ve forgotten our songs, we’ve forgotten how to dance. We’ve forgotten, or have never known, how to heal.

Here are a few lesser known healing methods for PTSD, long term health, gunshot wounds, headaches etc. Modern day warriors need to know how to take care of their mental health, longevity, extreme first aid and on the job applications to help their warrior-brothers (or sisters)

Natural and Modern healing methods:

Mental Warrior

Ayurveda, Siddha, or Allopathy

Cayenne Dr. Christopher – Herbalist

Herbs for gunshot wounds

Airman Battlefield Accupuncture

Alternative to narcotics, stay alert and do your job

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