Traditional Martial Arts are an anachronism on the modern battlefield

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The soft foot placement, the agile drawing of the blade. Not tinging around in armor like an English knight but with full movement in silk and brocade, the ancient samurai were experts of movement.


Final Charge – The Last Samurai 2003 Tom Cruise

Yes it is beautiful, yes it is an art. It used to be used for survival, battle and hierarchy. Protecting their lords or using it to retain status as a Ronin. But it was highly ritualized and had very specific rules of engagement: You can see it here in the Samurai Classic : Seven Samurai

The End of Dueling

If you want to see what would happen in a more modern duel, here is my favorite scene from Indiana Jones: Raiders of the lost Ark (start at 1:59)

The modern colt revolver basically allows for many shots from one gun. Now modern high capacity submachine guns and automatic rifles have largely brought an end to the sword as anything more than a lost budo from masters past, a thing to may tough guys feel better about themselves, or a rapidly dying art from the past.

I personally see the value of discipline and self mastery that comes from practicing something like Iaido or Kendo or fencing, this is not to say they are not an art, and not true sports; but from a modern combat perspective they are lacking. If that is what you seek in the martial arts world then more power to you. If you find a true master and are doing it to overcome yourself, then fine. You can even gain speed and efficiency from training with the right coach or master.

But look at the speed of a gun slinger! What a blur! Two shots in under one second:

Bushido the Soul of Japan

Ancient warrior code, for a modern world

The 8 virtues of the Samurai that carry forward into the modern world.

The the book Bushido, the Soul of Japan by Inazo Nitobe publish in English in 1908, the Bushido was carried into our modern era. These warrior virtues still apply today:

I. Rectitude or Justice

II. Courage

III. Benevolence or Mercy

III. Benevolence or Mercy

V. Honesty and Sincerity

VI. Honor

VII. Loyalty

VIII. Character and Self-Control

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