Fakes vs Real Masters: Russian Systema

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Vadim Starov of “Systema Spetsnaz”

One of the worst systema instructors on the planet. He was associated with A.A. Kadochnikov for a while and uses the Kadochnikov family notoriety to his benefit. While his system DVDs cost hundreds of dollars, you can find genuine Kadochnikov Systema video course downloads for less than $50.

Editors note: One of the main things that the worst martial arts masters use is to cause pain. This makes people think this is legitimate.

“Systema Spetsnaz” Vadim Starov

No touch combat “master”

REAL Russian Systema Masters

The Real Systema Master Himself A.A. Kadochnikov

Systema Kadochnikov (Archival Footage)

Kadochnikov more Archival Footage (1994)

This is for demonstrational purposes only and isn’t true combat style as taught in the GRU school.

Steve Maxwell top 100 physical trainers in USA about systema kadochnikov

Kadochnikov Systema Simple Intro

Systema English

Another style is Systema Solovev. Reportedly he learned from his veteran family members about the traditional Russian combat style. His style is simple yet effective.

Systema Style Solovev

Systema Style Maksimstov

Steve Maxwell, one of the top 100 personal trainers in the USA, reviews Maksimstov Systema:

This style is heavily influenced by Systema Kadochnikov, but with some traditional Slavic movements incorporated. Check it out:

Sistema S. Polunin

He was also taught by A.A. Kadochnikov. He has developed theories based off of traditional Slavic/ Cossack movements, the golden spiral and other natural intuitive movements. He is a descendant of real Cossacks. His Sistema is based a lot on awareness theory. (This can be demonstrated in several ways like “expanded awareness and “car body” phenomenon.). Take a look. He incorporates a lot of smooth movements and is probably one of the best Cossack Shashka combat teachers in the world.

Sergei Polunin Sabre Work

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