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Natalya Systema Siberian Cossack PARIS

Real Women’s Systema

So what is real women’s systema? Russian systema is a system of fighting developed in secret for super soldiers in the USSSR. Real Russian systema is traceable and the notable founder and inventor A. A. Kadochnikov utilized physics, biomechanics and traditional western fighting to create it (Russian Fencing, Boxing and Family Russian Style). Not to be confused with the rotund systema guy that punches others in the stomach, and not fake women’s self defense, but the real Soviet Union style spetsnaz training that the Airforce, GRU among others used; this is the real deal.

Is Kicking the only thing we can do?

This isn’t the 1960’s, and although this actually is one of the best Self Defense videos I’ve ever seen for girls (1969!) it’s still outdated and there is much more a modern woman can do.

Systema Kadochnikov – Survival arts for the modern era

The videos below showcase the amazing ability of Systema women in protecting themselves and self defense for the modern era- on the street and at the gym. These systema women were taught and mentored largely by direct students of A.A. Kadochnikov : Aleksandr Makstimtsov and Sergei Polunin.

Sword Play

Modern Combatives

Editor’s note: There were of course other teachers involved but seeing how effective their style is and that it can be adapted to the strength and size of women as well as any size of man, this means they are adapting scientific and natural movement principles (see the golden ratio) to adapt Systema Kadochnikov effectively to their own body types and situations.

On the Street

On the Ground

At the Gym

While Pregnant! (Modern Combatives)

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