Dancing like the Doyennes

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Antonio Canova’s Dancer with Hands on Hips (1811-12)

noun, plural doy·ennes  [doi-enzFrench dwa-yen].
a woman who is the senior member, as in age or rank, of a group, class, profession, etc. [src]

1920’s Girls Dance Class [src]

The Ideal Body

The pressure these days is for women to pump iron like men, engaging in extreme combat sports like MMA, boxing, etc. Like men are the only valid warrior type in our culture – all of it to be just as the “boys” are.

Like they aren’t good enough unless they are as muscular and have a physique like the male homo sapien! This is absurd!

In traditional cultures around the world, the ideal male body is that of a Grecian wrestler, and the ideal feminine figure – is a lithe dancer’s body.

Traditional Dance

Classical Indian Dance

Traditional Caucasian Lezginka

Smooth movement with flowing arms is the trademark of Caucasian  Lezginka. The erect posture and the floating movements can be found in many classical dances.

A Black Swan – Women’s Caucasian Dance

Bring your body to the Table

Bring the Body to the Table: In the words of Celeste Snowber:

The Lotte Berk Technique – The original Barre workout

“…But otherwise it has nothing to do with fitness classes you go to, it is a movement, but with such tough deep muscle work, it really get’s you…And fitness just bounces you around the room.”

Esther Fairfax

Mischief Managed

Try Lotte Berk Technique Here

The Four Elementals

Dance with Fire

Dance under water

Dance in the Earth

Dance in the Sky

Try Aerial Silk here

Dancing for Competition

Went to the Dogs

Move it like in the Movies

Dance like you’re in a Bollywood Movie

Ballroom dance like you’re in a Classic Hollywood Movie

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