Real Women’s Weapons

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Saturday Evening Post 1927

Women’s Weapons ≠ Men’s weapons

Real women’s weapons take advantage or balance out the biological natural differences of men and women.

Women warriors are often shown in Hollywood movies with a Samurai katana or like in the Wonder Woman (2017) movie, with a Greek sword and shield belonging to men. This is not only historically inaccurate, it is damaging to women. They never get to discover the secret women’s warrior culture within. Samurai women used most often the naginata instead of the Katana:

Clip from Smithsonian about Women Samurai

Women Samurai

Women’s Naginata Competition

Women’s Kyudo – art of the bow

The Huntress

Diana – The Huntress [wikimedia]

Diana, the huntress and Greek goddess is a familiar image in many cultures and the bow was a great equalizer for women. The Amazon women (Scythian warrior women) were known to have great skill with it. Diana incidentally is where the name of wonder woman came from – Diana Prince.

Hunger Games Kat

Because of their lower center of gravity, and more stable base, women have been well known sniper and sharpshooters for a long time. From Annie Oakley, Lyudmila Pavlichenko, Roza Shanina, and modern shooters like Kirsten Joy Wiess and Darya Domracheva. If you notice, most of those women have Slavic or Russian names. This is because during WW2 the women’s fighting spirit lived on in the Soviet Union.

Rifle – Joy of Shooting

Darya Domracheva Olympic Gold Medalist in women’s biathlon

Cloak and Dagger

Women are the best spies and were often used in WW2. Krystyna Skarbek (another Slav woman) was a famous WW2 spy and a favorite of Churchill. Although proficient with a pistol, her favorite weapon was a dagger. The dagger is an ancient weapon of women warriors, silent and deadly.

Fairbairn’s Dagger and how to use it:

Fairbairn – how to use the knife

Signet Ring of Warrior Woman

Here is an ancient gold ring signant and seal showing a realistic warrior woman, with her hounds, eagle, spear and horse (another great equalizer of Scythian woman).

Seal of Warrior Women

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  1. vapg1974 says

    Women make better spies because human brains are wired to low our defenses in fron of them.

    Japanese women willing to train and fight were always respected as battlefield fellows.

    Regarding Scythian females, I tend to assume only those born in nobility were allowed to fight or those vowing to be chast as Artemis/Minerva or the nordic ”Skjalmö” (Shield Maiden), not knowing if it was a for life vow or until marriage.

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