What is natural martial art?

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Golden Ratio on a shell [wikimedia commons]

Editors note: my journey started over 5 years ago heavily researching and investigating and searching for what defines a scientific and natural martial art. These are the results of my findings.

How to define Natural Martial Art?

Natural martial art is using the body according to its ancestral or genetic memory to protect us from harm and to further improve our body, soul, mind. Evolutionary biology and movement or as some others, including myself, would say as our bodies were designed is the purpose. Our bodies are miraculous floating tensegrity structures and are capable of such amazing movements and dances.

tensegrity “Dragon”

Natural Martial Art Has:

  1. Barefoot– any natural martial art with make use of this natural trapezoidal arched foot structure which has over 200,000 nerve endings.
  2. Spinal Waves– all moves are based on the natural spinal wave during natural perambulation.
  3. Natural Walking – walk from the center of gravity or from the spine
  4. Based on movements while naturally walking. The moves flow together.
  5. Whole body movement – every move is based in the whole body.

Natural Martial Art IS:

  1. Restorative– seeks to restore natural movement and whole body function
  2. Homo ludens – is mankind at play
  3. Purposeful – is play with a purpose
  4. Balancing – is balanced in thought, word and deed
  5. Heartful – utilizes the heart brain center in balance with cranial brain center (see balancing above)
  6. Survival – utilizes the most efficient use of energy and effectiveness – utilizing the natural spiral of nature which is the most efficient movement in nature.
  7. Intuitive – seeks to guide natural instinct and not conquer it

Dance is the pinnacle of human movement, evolution and expression

Life is a dance. The pinnacle of natural martial art is Tandava or the Dance of Shiva

There are many more mysteries to life. This is natural or survival martial art simply defined.


Natural martial art movements can be found in the following martial arts:

  1. Senmotic Functional Defense
  2. Ninjutsu as taught by Masaaki Hatsumi
  3. Cossack Spas or Russian Martial Art as taught by Sergei Daniilov, and Aleksandr Matkstimtsov
  4. Yin Style Bagua Zhang

Natural Martial Arts by Thomas Purtell Lulu publishing
Radical Wholeness by Philip Shepherd
Nature of Amatsu by Amatsu UK
Wing Shun für Insider Teil 2 (German) Wing Chun for Insiders by Frank Demann
Born To Run by Christopher McDougall
Basic Wing Chun Kuen: Art and Science by Hendrik Santo

Tandava the Cosmic Dance: Daniel Odier

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