Caucasus’ Martial arts

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Georgian Mountain Warrior

Georgian Mountain Fighters

Until very recently (100 years ago roughly) There were men in chain-mail still up in the mountains of Georgia. Like a time capsule or time machine, these warriors still fought with swords and wore chain armor up into the early 20th century.

Caucasian Martial Arts

Circassian Sabre

Georgian Hand to Hand Combat

Khridoli Krivi – Georgian Boxing

While European hand to hand combat took a hard turn in the 18th and 19th centuries to sport and marksmanship, the Caucasian martial arts stayed vital for survival in the rough area they originated in. One could say that these styles are the most ancient Christian Martial art styles in existence today (Although many of the Circassians were switched to Islam several hundred years ago). The Juhuro (mountain Jews) are also one of the oldest fighting traditions of Jews in existence today (Settled from ancient Persia). What we have here is a time capsule of natural survival martial arts of western Asia or Caucasus Mountains.
Their influence can be seen on Cossack Martial arts, Russian Sambo, and probably other styles in the region. This is a strong influence here that I hope will be researched more, and as we discussed in the post Choose your Own Adventure and how various cultures have different ways of interpreting combat movement – these instructive styles from the Caucus regions may fill in our picture of the martial arts of the world. What did the crusaders fight like? Why are the Georgian martial arts so instrumental and influential in the former soviet union?


    • bastiat says

      Systema has ancient roots but is modern. Systema Ryabko (Vasiliev) is based on mysticism and was heavily influenced by ROSS and other styles. The real GRU style of systema Kadochnikov is based on boxing, western fencing and the family style of Kadochnikovs’.

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