Balance is Key

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Temple Knights motto: Estu prudenta kaj simpla

In the previous post, we discussed finding a martial art system to play with, something that you love. Now in the next level the main law is balance.

Systema Maksimtsov

Law of Balance

Once you have found a system that you love, and there are many if you need some suggestions – the next level of master is to apply the law of balance. Balance in health, balance in workouts, balance in life, balance in business. Literally balanced moves on a board with a fulcrum.

“The underlying principle of Balance in Nature’s One Law is equality of interchange between the pairs of opposites in any transaction in Nature. That principle must eventually be observed by big business, and the go-getter salesman who selfishly thinks that the sale he makes is the only thing that counts is not giving equally for what he takes. – Walter Russell

Explained with Analogy

Excerpt from

“There is an old parable about two seas in Israel, one fresh and one very salty.

Kinneret [wikimedia commons]

One, the Sea of Galilee, in Hebrew is called Yam Kinneret  יָם כִּנֶּרֶת‎ in Hebrew, because it is shaped like a harp, kinor. This freshwater lake teams with fish and is ringed by rich farmland.

Dead Sea [wikimedia commons]

The second, the Dead Sea, called in Hebrew Yam HaMelach, יָם הַמֶּלַח, the Salt Sea, is ten times saltier than the ocean. It is so salty that only bacteria and microbial fungi can survive in its waters. It is ringed with salt formations (one made famous in the book of Genesis) and surrounded by desert.

An old legend explains that both these seas (actually lakes) receive their water from the Jordan River. But the Sea of Galilee is vibrant and alive, while the Dead Sea, at the lowest altitude on Planet Earth, has no outlet for its water.

What’s the difference? The Sea of Galilee has an outlet; it flows outward into the Jordan River (contributing some water from local springs as well), while the Dead Sea can only receive and does not flow outward. The Mussar (ethical teaching) to be derived is that those who give flourish, while those who keep everything for themselves dry up and whither. By giving to others, we actually keep ourselves flowing and growing. So far, a beautiful reminder that giving and sharing bring vitality into our lives.”- Two Seas: Giving and Receiving [-link]

In other words be prudent and simple.

Next up – Simplicity the ultimate mastery

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