ISAI Natural Motion practices – Quasimetrics

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qua•si kwā′zī″, kwä′zē

  • adj.Having a likeness to something; resembling.
Bruce Lee doing Isometric contraction exercises

What are quasimetrics? quasi meaning resembling or like isometric exercises. As Monya Gorelik explains on the ISAI blog:

During power-stretching we actually perform kind of almost isometric contraction. It means that during muscle contraction we perform very slow 3D rotational motion, less than 20 degrees in second or even almost completely stop. The most important here is a “motional intention” during this act, honest attempt to continue movement even it stops completely. We call this kind of contraction the quasimetric contraction. The exercises which make usage of this kind of motion we call quasimetric exercises.

The very interesting and important characteristic of power-stretching is that this is the only natural activity with isometric or quasimetric muscle contraction where agonist muscles work against antagonists.

At first glance this action seems lacking any reason, has no functional meaning. It looks like it’s just not connected to any natural motion, like if performer got stuck in the middle of his movement. But there is a real reason for that. The meaning of these agonist-against-antagonist quasimetric contractions is to exercise the moments of changing from flexion to rotation and vice versa in limbs and body during natural locomotion or breathing. At these moments also rotations of participating body parts change their direction relatively to the next to them body parts. These moments are most strenuous for the muscles and tendons, they are most dangerous, most vulnerable and therefore need constant special exercising. The Nature or God took it into consideration and “invented” power-stretching in order to provide special exercise at most dangerous and crucial parts of the motion. ” – ISAI Natural motion center How to be Naturally Strong – link

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