Acrobatics on the ground

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How to fall

The ground is your play ground

Many martial artists train in the dojo with soft mats and flat ground. This is not a survival reality however- in real martial arts, the ground must become your ally.

Gouquan Dog Boxing Kung Fu

Kadochnikov Lower Acrobatics

We live in 3-D and need to be able to fight accordingly. As you see here in the systema Kadochnikov clip below, they train on hard surfaces, on the ground and to gain the mobility required to avoid real injuries in falls on realistic ground types.

Makstimtsov Systema

Alexander Maktsimstov is very accessible teacher for westerners and was even endorsed by Steve Maxwell. He has studied Kadochnikov systema for a number of years – and even taught himself how to speak English using his own methods.

Aleksander Maktsimtsov – side fall

This is a side fall with a moving kick – very similar to dishu quan dog boxing above.

Roll Back

Roll Forward

Side Roll

Here Alexander Maksimtsov shows in breakdance style systema how to combine the movements.

Comparison to Dishu Quan ground boxing

It is interesting how the kicking methods universally apply to Dishu Quan ground fighting as well. This is a natural method of martial arts and has been made a science by Kadochnikov Systema.

Bonus: Next level ground acrobatics

If you’d like to see next level lower acrobatics – here is a rare seminar video in Russian of Kadochnikov giving tips on lower acrobatics. (click the link)

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