5 Tibetan Rites

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Naturally Balanced Yoga

5 Tibetan rites [image courtesy of bewellbuzz]

This is a series of natural stretching poses (Asanas) that balances the dorsal muscles and the ventral muscles. This is an ancient yoga method from Tibet as first reported on in Eye of Revelation by Peter Kelder in a 1939.

How to do the Five Tibetan Rites

How to do Five Tibetan Rites

Some would warn that this yoga comes from the occult. The movements however are cross cultural and appear to claim the same thing. In my practice I’ve found the balanced contractions on the alternating dorsal/ ventral side to be very helpful and invigorating.

The spinning movement in the clockwise direction is part of Cossack martial arts. The Ukrainian and other Cossacks would do it to give themselves more energy if they were tired and needed to be more alert. Timothy Shieff, famous natural movement youtuber, who almost beat the Ninja Warrior UK course says it’s the best body wake up in this video (he also demonstrates how to do them)

Rite 1 [wikimedia]
Cossack Spinning

The push up is an alternating wave is good for the spine and is another form of a spinal wave as practiced by many martial artists including Ido Portal, Senmotic Functional Defense and Monya Gorelik to name a few.

An Indian Wrestler’s variation can be found in Indian Kushti training:

Indian Kushti Wrestler Pushups

There are many more parallels in other wrestling and ancient martial arts. These examples are just a few. For a visual explanation and concise gifs wikipedia has a great article on how they are performed as well as more information on the book.

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