Spiral movement transitions

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Simon Thakur of AncestralMovement.com has been working on evolutionary movement for some time now. Here he shows how to combine all three movement planes into transitional movement practice for the body. You can read Simon’s write up Spiral Movments by clicking on the link.

Kadochnikov Spiral exercise

On another part of the planet- in Russia, a very similar movement for training the body and nervous system for combat had also been utilized in the Russian air-force survival training. This exercise is simply called the star exercise.

Kadochnikov star Exercise

Turning Around Exercise (with a pistol)

Similar to the knee transitions that are shown by Simon, this is a direct application with a pistol. Isn’t it interesting how similar these natural movements are? Two different teachers, were able to study evolutionary and efficient movement and came up with the same movements. Similar idea two different executions:

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