Six directional combat

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Six directions of combat

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Six Directions of Force

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“The six directions are: forward and backward, open and close, up and down. Every movement … should have three elements of the six directions, with one element usually being emphasized. For example, you can pull back, open, and up; with the emphasis being on any of the three. You can push forward, close, and down; again with the emphasis being on any one of the three.
Using your body in multiple dimensions helps promote the use of whole body power. Whole body power means just that. There is no isolated movement of just the arm or leg.”

“The entire body is fully engaged in every movement. The Six Directions of Force is a useful image to teach you whole body power.” – site link


A rare Tibetan martial art practiced mostly in Russia and other European countries. You will see a playground type environment for Tascao:

Play- Fight

This playful method turns martial arts into a capoeira type dance. Relaxation and exploration are encouraged.

Kadochnikov Lower Acrobatics

A great way to train the vestibular apparatus and encourages practitioners to learn how to fall / somersault safely to the ground. This makes the floor a play-ground (pun intended). You can clearly see the combat application when he holds the Kalashnikov rifle:

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