Humility – the key to learn anything

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When learning a new thing, the key is to start, even if you will do it badly and lose your self composure. Something I really admire about these “crazy Russians” you see on youtube, is that they start doing something, even if they are mocked all over the internet for it. They are at least starting by making a fool of themselves. In the words of Jordan Peterson – “start by doing it badly. “

Example of moving light from The Unkown life of Jesus Christ by Nicolas Notovich

“But how deceitful are lights in the mountains! You believe you see the fire burning quite near to you and at once it disappears, to re-appear again, to the right, to the left, above, below you, as if it took pleasure in playing tricks upon the harassed traveller. All the time the road makes a thousand turns, and winds here and there, and the fire—which is immovable—seems to be in continual motion, the obscurity preventing you realizing that you yourself modify your direction every instant.
I had quite given up all hope of approaching this much-wished-for fire, when it appeared again, and this time so near that our horses stopped before it.”

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