Body linked like threaded together

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Excerpt from Basic Wing Chun Kuen: Art and Science by Hendrik Santo

As is stated in the Ancient Classic, “In Motion, the whole body should be light and agile, with all parts of the body linked as if threaded together. The energy supporting the physical should be free flowing; the energy supporting the mind activity should be internally gathered. The postures should be without defect, without hollows or projections from the proper, alignment; in motion the Form should be continuous, without stops and starts.”

Hazal Nehir 2019 Parkour

One person I have seen that moves like that while doing parkour is Hazal Nehir . She moves with such grace and ease – not always fluid, but almost always- a fluid movement; as she jumps and hops walls and rolls in the city.

Ancestral Movement

Another person I’ve seen move with this is Martial artist and evolutionary movement researcher Simon Thakur of

Here he demonstrates transitions from half kneeling. Look and how connected his body is in the movement.

Slavic Martial Art “Beserker”

Watch how fluid the movements of kicks and arm and hand movements this martial art has. You can see him move his entire body in a continuous flowing action. Hit after hit after hit…

Incredible speed of TongBei Quan

The great exercises shown at the end to activate whole body movement are great! Notice the whole body movement and the striking motion of the whole body.

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