Embrace the Unusual

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Samurai III 1956 Poster [wikipedia]

When people think of unusual martial arts styles they may think of this guy from Youtube Systema “Chkharyok” Viktor Matveev. Many jokingly refer to this as vodka style. But sadly no, this is just his own style….

Viktor Matveev systema Чхарёк

We will get to drunken style after a short introduction of unorthodox thinking.

Musashi Miyamoto

In the famous duel in SAMURAI III classic Japanese cinema Musashi, one of the best dueling samurai in Samurai history, has to think fast, because he cannot beat his opponent by orthodox means. He quickly prepares an oar from the boat to the island and readies it for his duel. The end result is dramatized here:

Embracing the situation – Drunken Style Kung Fu

The drunken system is very alive, and is based on who you are facing. There are no restrictions, but there are guidelines. (To buy his Drunken Style Kung fu DVDs click here) not a paid promotion.

This great clip from National Geographic tells the main principles of Drunken Kung Fu

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