Homo Ludens (man at play)

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“Don’t be dead serious about your life; your life is just play.” Sadhguru

Heath Ledger’s Joker

Life is essentially Play ” – Philosopher Alan Watts

“The whole point was to dance, while the music was being played. ” – Alan Watts

Martin Wheeler Systema

I have a background in Russian Systema in the Vasiliev school of teaching. One of the main things that drew me to it was the play and fun element.

Here Martin Wheeler shows instinctual movement away from a stick. Fun play:

For another great video on stick play fighting see this video of play-fight practice by Bruno Caverna

Cossack Survival Arts

A Cossack wouldn’t get hung up so much on the technique, as Sergei Kolyushenko explains – but he will grasp the gist of it and then play around:

5000 year old Aryan Martial Art

This is a fun combination-art based on Russian Sambo and reportedly based on ancient yogic texts found in a St. Petersburg library in Russia. This is a practice of every combination, and every position. A very interesting look at this “Dharma Marga” yoga and Sanskrit inspired martial art.

Russian with English Subtitles

For a higher quality video only in Russian – follow the link here

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