Hard styles vs Soft Styles

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In Chinese Kung fu there is an understanding of yin (soft/ feminine) and yang (hard/ masculine) martial arts

Embodiment of Hard

Monkey Kung Fu is what many would consider classic movie kung fu. It requires a lot of strength, body conditioning and is considered very yang or masculine style.

The Embodiment of Soft

Aikido was developed by Sensei Ueshiba after he spent many years doing a brutal, very hard, martial art style. This is a yin or feminine style martial art. (not to be confused with woman or female – this is an abstraction of feminine concept)

Old Japan Samurai Style
Aikido Founder Morishei Ueshiba

Epitome of Hard and Soft style

Siberian ‘Vyun’ Systema from Dimitry Skogorev This is based on Kadochnikov Systema and Russian Style fighting. This combines the softer arm movements of Aikido above, with some elbow strikes with other striking- a hard and soft style uses the required tension and relaxation to coalesce the hard/masculine and soft/ feminine.

Russian Martial Art Systema SV

Taijitu Ancient Yin Yang Symbol of the Tao [wikipedia]

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