Exploring life beyond survival

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Survival is a very stressful mindset to be in. In the common Cooper color’s scheme about high alert situations, survival could be an orange or a red situation. Many of us in the western world haven’t had to deal with survival situations on a day to day basis, unlike in places like India, Russia, China and just for BRICS sake, China. Many if not most of the countries of Africa could be included in this as well. We tend to think of these places as Third or Second World Countries.

How does one get into this exploration mindset instead of survival? Internet famous mystic Sadhguru explains:

Exploration is key

Each of the key principles that are being explained on this blog are meant as principles only. As I explained in the first blog post about natural martial arts, each principle is meant to be played with, explored and tested until you have developed your very own personal style that is not only very effective martial arts, but will empower a person to explore new situations new places and new challenges; with the tools required to meet problems that unexpectedly come your way.

A Boy Scout – Exploring uncharted ways

Until next time – Homo Ludens “man at play”

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