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In survival art, boxing gloves don’t just protect your hands, they produce bad technique. Modern boxing technique was developed from European fencing styles. To learn real survival striking techniques you have to go back at least 100 years in Traditional Western Boxing schools, and thankfully we have the surviving Wing Chun techniques that also show the natural boxing stance:

Compare Bare knuckle boxing poses with Wing chun pose

Classic Western Pugilistic Stance

Notice how the head is back, the arms out in a guard and the spine is straight.

Ip Man and Bruce Lee basic Wing Chun Stance

Now look at Bruce Lee learning Ip Man Wing chun from Ip Man himself, the stance is a wider and the guard hands reversed but the stance is almost the same. (This stance will show again in the trinity striking technique below)

Natural Striking

In Natural striking you don’t want to primarily hit with your fists because it’s very easy to break the delicate bones in the hands . Although there is some secondary evidence that with the correct hand shape, they might have been used as defensive fists, the primary function of the hand is to grasp branches or tools.

Thus when we have a survival situation, it is better to use a palm strike or slap, hammer fist (like the plains native Americans) or to use the fist only on softer parts of the body like the stomach or an occasional surgical strike to the jaw. The forehead is very hard and will very likely break bones in your hand.

This hilarious compilation clip of John McSweeney is actually a great showpiece of how a person should strike with the hands in survival martial arts( you can rent the entire video on Amazon):

John McSweeney “Thank you Paul”

Systema Wave Striking

How to develop whipping palm strike:

Systema Izvor palm wave strike

Systema Riazanov

Ballistic Natural Strikes

Wing Fight

Wing Chun by Victor Gutierrez

The “wings” or winged elbow can be an effective destruction tool in defensive situations but then can immediately be followed up by knife hand or elbow strikes as demonstrated by Victor GuTierrez:

Systema Chain Striking

You can see a similar technique in the guard and in the elbow strikes with Paul Genge. After the first strike- you want to chain your strikes until the enemy is on the groun- . Then you can safely back away or you may have to engage multiple adversaries at the same time- to survive the encounter.

Systema Chain Striking using the trinity Strike technique

Systema Maksimstov Trinity strike technique

A wall may be used to practice the trinity strike- Alexandr Maksimtsov demonstrates:

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