Real Martial Arts

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What are real martial arts?

In the words of Bruce Lee : Boards don’t hit back.

Bruce Lee – Boards don’t hit back

Unless maybe you are these guys:

Fake Martial Arts compilation

What are real Martial arts?

If you duckduckgo search for fake martial arts instructors, you will find that a lot of real martial arts styles will get mixed in with the fake stuff because they look funny to onlookers.

A good example is Master Guy Savelli. (This is the martial artist that Joe Rogan was laughing at. )Is he ligit? Who knows. He Certainly is the laughing stock of the internet. It says in The Men who stare at Goats, that he could kill a goat just by thinking about it. Sure has the US military convinced. He may or may not know some crazy cool stuff:

Looks like in this case boards do hit back too.

Here is his triangle of death:

What are real martial arts?

In real martial arts there are no pads, no contests, no bowing, no belts, and no ego. In real martial arts the ground is hard, the sticks hit, and that gun might be actually loaded. Many people mistakenly think that if a martial art can hold up to MMA then it must be legitimate. But there is an error in thinking here, in MMA there are still refs, they wear gloves and there is a time limit and bell. The winner in MMA is many times the one who can take the most hits and can either out grapple or out punch the other guy.

In survival martial art, you need to train on all kinds of surfaces, in the street, on the stairs and for systema practitioners in an environment that mirrors reality. Any reality based martial systems will do this.

Ground meet body – body ground:

I’ve been able to dig up some archival footage of real Russian Special forces training. They make the ground a play-ground. (More on that later with homo ludens)

Real rare footage combat Systema

Every Day Ready

Can you fight in a suit and a tie? Can you disarm a gun using biomechanics? Do you know actual vital points on the body? (eyes, groin, side of neck, etc)

A real survival situation doesn’t care if you are walking back from work, with your girlfriend, or if you have to defend yourself from an armed opponent.

Vinogradov S.S. demonstrates:

Disclaimer: These techniques are deadly and real. This is for demonstration purposes only – Knights of the Temple does not accept any liability if you use these techniques in real life.


  1. The Fabled Hare says

    Finally, someone talking some sense. I often see MMA advocates strutting around putting-down other martial-arts/sports because theirs is “the real thing” and as close to the street as you can get. I don’t want to put-down MMA, but a false sense of security is often worse than no security. MMA is a good idea, but when all is said and done, it’s still a sport with rules, just like the rest.

    On the street, if you grapple on the ground, your opponent’s mates will all be kicking you on the head and stamping on you while you’re down.

    On the street, there’s no time-limit or ref. There’s no cage to lean-on or bounce off. They won’t stop when you try to tap-out or your oxygen is being cut-off.

    On the street, grappling distance is stabbing distance.

    On the street, there aren’t any penalties for fish-hooks, eye-gouges, groin-shots and the like.

    All the well-known mainstream martial-arts are sports. They’re not completely useless, though: They still have some useful techniques that you can add to your arsenal in a survival situation. They improve your strength, stamina and speed. Also, some training is better than no training. But they’re primarily sports. To say otherwise is a particularly dangerous form of denial.

  2. Drako Drakkonis says

    The truth is that I had many doubts about your intentions, Bastiat, when you included in your references that funny video of the beautiful Hawaiian girl moving her ass. Certainly, there must be a Hawaiian martial art, but if that consists solely of distracting the enemy with a sexy dance, I don’t think it has been very fruitful for the ingenious islanders who invented the enigmatic moai, the challenging wave-surfing and katamarang for their amazing overseas explorations in ancient times.

    And I completely agree with what “The Fabled Hare says”: My experience in the martial arts has been in the recreational / sports arena, with no concern for ribbons, ranks or medals. It is thanks to that training, especially in judo, that I was able to get out alive in three extreme situations that, without wanting them, I had in the street.

    Greetings, folks. 🙂

  3. Drako Drakkonis says

    PS/ Excellent video compilation, especially the last three which reveal where the “creators” of Krav Magá took their material from. 😉

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