Women in Survival Martial Arts

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This is part II of my previous post on survival martial arts. This is a specific look at the women’s side of survival/ natural martial arts.

Hawaiian Lua – Michelle Manu

Lua isn’t just for pretty dancers. If you want to see men doing Hawaiin Lua training click on this link here.

Lua is a Hawaiian dance / Martial art that was taught to the chief’s body guards and elite warriors. Here Michelle Manu shows us how it is done.

Systema Feminine – Natalia Chumakova

Systema is a Russian style that relies on leverage, rotational redirection, ground acrobatics and balance breaking – it was used for special forces survival training during the Soviet Union. Can women do it to? Heck they can. Watch as Natalia Chumakova takes down men below and nails the ground acrobatics.


Women Ninjas: The Masaaki Hatsumi style of Bujikan is just as applicable to women ninjas as seen in this old video of Kunoichi style Ninjutsu.

Satria Yoga

Satria Arts is a natural style with more of the feminine aspects retained of Silat. Here you can see that the warrior conditioning Satria Yoga is just as applicable to women’s health with Laarni Benitez. The Grand master Ma Prem (a woman) taught Steven Benitez the co-founder of Satria Arts.

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