Introduction from “Natural Martial Arts”

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“Natural Martial Arts” is a book by Thomas S. Purtell. It opened my eyes to natural martial art a few years ago and has been guiding me since the time I read it two years ago. This preface is the introduction to his book and is just as good of an introduction to the “Knights of the Temple” natural martial art:

“This elucidation/ training guide is actually a complete work needing only one thing more: You. You to practice what is written here. what is taught here is equally productive for women; this is not just for men. Women actually excel at this particular martial science.

My hope is that with this training material you will be brought into a freedom of your “style” of martial art; not somebody else’s idea of what a martial art is. My desire is to give you the tools necessary for developing the martial art that resides within you; the form that is the essence of you; an expression of who you are, not the mold that somebody else has tried to press you into.

I will not be trying to teach just your “frontal lobe”, though – of course that is part of what will happen; I will be trying to plant “seeds” in your sub-conscious as well. Seeds that will one day have you saying, “Ah-ha! Now I get it!”

This training information is not about philosophy, though here or there one may encounter some philosophy. This training information is not so much about what I think, though unavoidably there will be some things in here about what I think, along with what I know. Even then, this training information is not so much about what I know; it is about what is; it is about truth.

Contrary to what some philosophers would have us think, there are absolute truths in our universe/world. These are truths that hold true for everyone no matter who you are. Fire is hot, and play with it long enough, it will burn you. Jump out of an airplane without some sort of safety device and gravity will definitely take total control of you. Grab an angry, hungry tiger by the tail and you’ll wish you hadn’t. So I have done my best to make this book hold to those kinds of truths; this book is as down to earth and truthful as I can make it.”

I have included this preface as a sort of preface to the blog. If you want to read more of “Natural Martial Arts: heart, Mind and Body’s Way” by Thomas S. Purtell click on the title link and purchase at the link. (I receive no monetary gain by the purchase of this book through this link)


  1. Drako says

    For some years I have practiced a lot of judo, some taekwondo and lately karate, not so much for the martial art itself but for keeping me in good spirit and good health.

    So this is the first time I’ve heard of “natural martial arts”. I find the subject interesting and will take your literary recommendation into account, but more important for me would be to know your experience with this approach to martial arts.

    I’ll be keeping an eye on your future publications, Bastiat.

    Greetings and congratulations for your efforts in the blogosphere.

    • bastiat says

      Right now I am mainly focusing on natural walking because Maasaki Hatsumi, says that it is the basis of all natural movement and martial arts. I will tell you more about me and my experience as I write this blog.

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